Have you ever experienced the situation when you have read a book or watched a movie, you have an idea to make a continuation? When I watched my favourite TV series “Lost” and read through some fan interpretations of the subject, I found some of them more interesting than the movie’s plot. I wondered why not use them in the production of the next series? It seems like fan art is usually not so interesting to the authors. Or not?


Protesting Russia’s Warfare

I wish I could stop this war,
But I can’t – it’s against the law
That I never accepted. Power’s
Got over me. Kremlin’s towers
Are covered in blood, they lure
All the demons that were obscure.
How can I now imagine the future
Of loved peace that is being tortured?
Running off and hiding in awe
I pray God, escalate no more,
Don’t turn tables of negotiation,
Stick to the proper legislation,
Be the one I’ll be proud of,
Do not make the world hugely rough.
Let your eyes see and soul freshen –
No one wants to die in oppression.


We're Up All Night to Get Lucky!

There’s one thing about this song that makes it special: it is very catchy and upbeat! Maybe, it’s because of the guitar, or lyrics, or Pharrell’s vocals, or vocoders, or something else. No one would argue the song ain’t that good, otherwise it wouldn’t be one of the best-selling songs of all time according to Wikipedia.