The idea of the song came to me when I was walking towards my work and thinking about my best friend – Nastya Beyzer. I suddenly remebered her sharing her fears and uncertainties about life she was going through along with the song by John Hiatt “Have a Little Faith in Me” we used to listen to together. I had a perfect combination of the inspiration and musical basement to come up with an idea of the song – something about moving on no matter what is going on. Because she was the source of inspiration, I decided to release the song on her birthday – December, 6th.

But the song was actually about me getting out of depression that was severe enough to get me to the ICU with COVID and an immunity failure. When I almost ‘kissed’ the death, I figured out I gotta take responsibility for my life and bear the heavy burden of it. Accepting it, I survived and went along.

But I couldn’t do it without my named father whom I dedicated my poem to. It was his light of love and hope that filled my song and charged my soul so I could stand on my own feet.

The song wasn’t easy to master vocally. It features 2 octaves of vocal range, and I’m still having hard times hitting those high notes after the bridge part.

I wanted this song to be perfectly sounding, so I recorded live instruments: the Steinway piano, violin and cello. And I recorded live voices of 20 people that mixed in a six-part choir. Many of them got through those tough times in their life, so they put the feelings I needed for the record. I am grateful to them and all sound engineers who worked with me and made the piece sound really decent.

Also I really wanted two female voices to shine in my song, they are of Polina Surnacheva and Eugenia Lukina. They hit perfectly my expectations about them and made the song even more powerful!

The single consists of two tracks. One is the solo version, the other one is the full version. People that listened to it used to tell me that they felt better, happier and more motivated. So the song is quite psychotherapeutic!

And here are the lyrics:

You’re feeling down,
Nothing could be worse, You always frown,
Life goes in reverse.
Depression has become a part of you,
Can’t figure out what you’re supposed to do.

You’d be alright
If you could make one step
To your deep fright
That triggers your soul’s ebb.
I know: that pain could be transformed to life,
Your heart will get opened and your love will find you out.

We’ve got to
Move on,
We’ve got to move it on.

So give away
All your crazy dreams,
Don’t go astray,
Keep your merry beam!
Although you may feel like you’ve lost it all,
It’s worth it to believe you can do more.

You may be sure
That life is such a pain
You can’t endure,
And nothing’s there to gain.
You’re paralyzed from overwhelming woe…
But here comes the power telling you: “Rise up and go!”

We’ve got to
Move on,
We’ve got to move it on.

Where is your place
To fight disgrace?
Do you have a courage to forgive?
How can you make your world a better place to live?

You will succeed!
Go plant good seeds!

We’ve got to
Move on,
We’ve got to move it on.