Have you ever experienced the situation when you have read a book or watched a movie, you have an idea to make a continuation? When I watched my favourite TV series “Lost” and read through some fan interpretations of the subject, I found some of them more interesting than the movie’s plot. I wondered why not use them in the production of the next series? It seems like fan art is usually not so interesting to the authors. Or not?

In any case, concerning the widespread development of Internet, it appears weird that so far I haven’t encountered any platform where fans extend the creation of authors, and authors extend the fans. Therefore, I decided to ‘invent the wheel’ and build a platform entitled “Artcascade”. You post your content, someone extends it, and you get your fee. The more the number of your extenders, the more money you get.

I’m looking for authors to test the site’s functionality and get some feedback. There is already some interesting content there! Come join me!